How to monitor a web page for changes

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to be notified when a web page changes? Most of the time it isn't unless you use an automation tool like WebGet. You can monitor a single piece of data or lots of data over multiple pages. Why not sign up for a free account and give it a try?

This tutorial will step you through the process of getting an email notification when a web page changes.

To use WebGet you will need to sign up for a free account. After doing this and logging in, click on the Record New Task button to start extracting data. Record new task button In this example we are going to watch a particular product on Amazon and ask WebGet to notify us when the price changes. The purpose of this is to buy the product when it goes on sale.

In another browser tab, load up Search for a product you are interested and then click on a specific product. Copy the url of this web page from the address bar: Amazon product page url Now go back to the WebGet tab and Paste this address into the Starting Page. Then click Start. Start monitoring a web page for changes task After the page has finished loading, click on the product price and select Extract: Extract product price In the action panel on the right, enter "Price" for the Name field and click the Extract button: Extract action We can now save the task and check it runs okay. Click Finish & Save: Finish & Save button Give the task a name and click Save & Run: Save monitor web page for changes task The task will run and after a few seconds you will see the result: Data extraction result Now click the Schedule button: Email me when a web page changes In the Output section for the Send Email option, tick "When changes are detected" and "When errors occur". The reason we select the error option is that we want to be notified if the task stops working. Also select None for the Email Attachment because this isn't necessary. Now we will schedule the task to run once a day. From the Schedule section, set the Frequency to Daily and specify the Time of Day that you would like this task to run. Schedule change detection task Then we save all that by clicking the Save button: Save button That's it! WebGet will now monitor this web page for you and send you an email when the price changes.