Recording a Task (the basics)

A task is a series of steps that are performed on a website in order to extract information from it. To record a task please follow the steps below (after logging in to the WebGet site):
  1. Click on the Record New Task button on the Tasks page.
  2. Specify the Starting page url and click the Start button. The page will take a few seconds to load.
  3. Start recording steps by clicking on elements in the page that you want to perform actions on.
  4. Click on the desired action in the popup menu.
  5. Complete the necessary information in the action panel on the right.
  6. Click on the button at the bottom of the action panel to save the step.

A history of all the steps will be showing in the recorder at the top of the page. Existing steps can be edited by clicking on them. Steps can be deleted by click on the menu icon.

The following actions are available when clicking on an element in the target page:
  • Extract: Extract a single piece of information from a web page. See Extract Action for more information.
  • Extract Table: Extract all the information in a Html table. If the element selected is not a Html table this item will be greyed out.
  • Download: Download a file from this web site. This can be an image, video, pdf file, Word document, etc.
  • Click: Perform a click operation on this web page in order to load a new page, show more information on the current page, or submit form values.
  • Submit Values (without click): Submit values to the web page without performing a click. Select this option after filling out the input values on the target page.
  • Click Next Page: Click this action on a "Next" button to loop over all pages that are paginated.
  • Loop Over Similar Items: Create a loop in your task to repeat a series of steps on similar elements in this web page. See Loop Action for more information.
  • Hide This Item: Click this item to hide elements on the web page if they are preventing you from selecting other elements in the page.
  • Save Page: Save the entire contents of this page as a html file.
  • Scroll to Bottom of Page: Scroll to the bottom of this page in order to load more data (if this site implements infinite scrolling)

When you have finished recording, press the Finish & Save button. You will be asked to name your task.