Extract Action

You can extract data from any web page using the Extract action. The extract action has the following settings:
  • Item: Details about the element that this action is to be performed on. For more information see Item Selector
  • Name: The name of the data that this step will extract. The name becomes the column heading in the run output.
  • Is Key Field: Select Yes if this field forms part of a unique key. Specifying key fields will help WebGet determine what data has changed between runs. Select No if you don't want to use change detection, your run output will only have 1 row, or you want to compare data by row position.
  • What: Do you want to extract Text or information from html tags like links?
  • Attribute Name: (if What = Html Attribute) The name of the Html attribute that you want to extract, for example "href"
  • Text After: If you only want part of the text, specify the text to search for before taking the text after this match. For example, if your text is "Today's forecast: Hot" and you only want "Hot", specify "forecast:" or simply ":".
  • Text Before: If you only want part of the text, specify the text to search before taking the text before this match. For example, if your text is "98 degrees" and you only want "98", specify "degrees" or simply " " (space).
  • Remove Characters: If you want to remove any characters from the text specify one or more characters here. For example, if your text is "$5,950" and you only want "5950" specify "$,".
  • Data Type: The type of data that this extract action will store (after the text manipulation above). If you are not bothered by the format that the data will be exported in you can leave this as Text.
  • Date/Time Format: (if Data Type = Date/Time) Specify the format that this Date/Time value is in. Select an item from the list or create your own Custom Format.
  • Adjust for Timezone: (if Date/Time Format includes time) See Adjust for Timezone.
  • Example: Shows you an example of what WebGet will produce when the task is run on the current element. If this is blank it is a warning that WebGet will not extract any information.
  • On Error: What would you like to do if an error occurs during this action? Stop will halt the run. Warn will display a warning message in the run log and continue. Ignore will disregard the error and continue.