Extract data from any website

Extract Data From Other Websites

An easy to use, web based data extraction tool to unlock endless amounts of information to use to your advantage
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How Others Use WebGet

  • Keep an eye on your competition Extract product & price lists from your competitors
  • Get on top of your Google ranking Compare your Google ranking to your competitors
  • Power your own website Display a Bitcoin price chart or show weather forecast information on your own website
  • Buy products when they go on sale Get notified when a product you want to buy goes on sale
  • Improve your share trading by monitoring stock prices and news Extract stock price data at regular intervals or get notified when new articles are published
  • Improve poorly designed websites Compare products by downloading all product information into Excel to analyse them properly
  • Automate file downloads Schedule files to be downloaded at regular intervals
  • Make it easy to monitor new job ads Submit your job search criteria and be notified when new positions are advertised
  • Get notified when a service disruption occurs Get notified when your website or an important service you use goes down
  • Keep important information at your fingertips Log in to a suppliers website and download your balance and transaction log
  • Automate image downloads Download all images from a family photo album in one go

Our Features

Easy to use

Simply record your steps and schedule it!
How to scrape data from a website

Log in to secure sites

As simple as entering your credentials and clicking login
Login to secure sites

Click links

Traverse an entire site by clicking links
Traverse an entire site by clicking links

Powerful looping

Loop over repeated html elements & paginated data
Loop over repeated html elements & paginated data

Automate form submission

Enter form values and submit them
Automate form submission

Monitor complex dynamic pages

Monitor pages that use complex html technologies
Monitor complex dynamic pages

Download any type of file

Images, videos, pdf files, word documents and more
Scrape images from websites

Schedule runs & integrate with other tools

Schedule your task and view the output in Excel or send it to an Azure Functions for further analysis
Schedule runs and integrate with other tools

Pricing Options

We have a number of plans available plus the ability to customize a plan to suit your needs
  • Free
    $0 per month
    • 50 runs per month
    • 200 pages per month
    • 100Mb of storage
  • Starter
    $10 per month
    • 1,500 runs per month
    • 7,500 pages per month
    • 1Gb of storage
  • Basic
    $25 per month
    • 3,500 runs per month
    • 17,500 pages per month
    • 5Gb of storage
  • Standard
    $100 per month
    • 15,000 runs per month
    • 75,000 pages per month
    • 10Gb of storage

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