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We can scrape data from any website you require and schedule the extraction as often as you like. We can also integrate this data with other websites or applications.
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Our Services

Website Scraping

We specialise in extracting data from web pages. We have a sophisticated scraping platform that can perform once-off extractions or can run on a schedule. Our platform can detect changes between runs and can export your data in many formats. We can also integrate your data with other websites or applications as well as implement specific behaviour with custom scripting.

Website Integration

Integrate your website with data you have sourced from the web. We can automate your website by sourcing the data that drives it from other websites or data services. We can also integrate your website with other applications to automate your business processes. For example, we can integrate your stock management system with your website so customers will always know if you have items in stock.

Custom Programming

We can implement custom behaviour on the data you extract from the web. For example, we can monitor a series of foreign exchange currency prices and when the weighted average of these prices fall to a particular amount we can send a text message to your mobile.

How Others Use WebGet

  • Power your own website Source the products for your website from another site or data service
  • Keep an eye on your competition Extract product & price lists from your competitors
  • Monitor web pages Get notified when certain information on a web page changes
  • Automate repetative web tasks Automate the process of checking regular websites for information
  • Get on top of your Google ranking Compare your Google ranking to your competitors
  • Automate file downloads Schedule files to be downloaded at regular intervals
  • Get notified when a service disruption occurs Get notified when your website or an important service you use goes down
  • Keep important information at your fingertips Log in to a suppliers website and download your balance and transaction log
  • Improve your share trading by monitoring stock prices and news Extract stock price data at regular intervals or get notified when new articles are published

About Us

We are a dynamic organisation with a passion for data, automation and integration. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and producing the best possible results for our customers. We have developed our own in-house web scraping platform which allows us to perform data extractions very quickly and this keeps our pricing affordable. We can do once-off extractions, schedule them to run at certain intervals or they can be run on demand. Output from the extractions can be in serveral formats and we can also write custom scripts to process the data or integrate with other websites and applications. We are based in Australia and service businesses all over the globe. Please Contact us to discuss your needs or fill out our data extraction Quote form.

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